Calming teh kittehs

20 Jul

I swear, today I didn’t google “yoga cats”–this is just the latest yoga-related headline: Yoga meditation music ‘helps cats relax.’ A young veterinary nurse has completed a study finding meditation music (specifically, Om Shanti mantras) reduces the stress level of cats waiting in cages at a Welsh vet hospital.

Right after reading the article, I forwarded it to my poor parents, who are kitty-sitting for me this week as I’m headed off on a camping trip tomorrow. My cat, while sweet, is not always the easiest little (12-pound) guy, because he eats absolutely everything (plants, cords, tomatoes, you name it). Apparently, his meows were tinged with melancholy last night (it’s good to be missed). So, for my parents’ sanity, I recommended Hindi music if he keeps it up. Yup, they’ll love that.

In particular, here’s a lovely Om Shanti video from Wildmind. See? This is good for kitty mamas, too.


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